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Product portfolio overview

Your one-stop partner for synchronizer system solutions in China

HAONENG HOERBIGER DriveTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (HHDTS) is your one-stop partner for both customized and standardized synchronizer product and system solutions. We offer the ideal solution for each vehicle application, from mass to premium segments and for all the major transmission types; manual transmissions (MT), automated transmissions (AMT), and dual clutch transmissions (DCT).

HHDTS provides

  • the best of both worlds: German technology and quality at competitive local pricing
  • all synchronizer products manufactured in-house
  • complete synchronizer systems made via a unique combination of production processes: metal forming, machining, and various heat treatment technologies
  • the broadest range of friction linings with sinter, carbon and molybdenum, offering the ideal solution for each application
  • a modular product portfolio that makes it easy to upgrade or change a transmission setup from single cone systems (1C) to multi-cone (double cone (2C) and triple cone (3C)).
  • holistic customer support, from product engineering right through to serial supply.

About synchronizers

Synchronizers are one of the key performance-defining components of modern MT, AMT and DCT transmissions. Synchronizers are responsible for smooth and comfortable gear shifting in automobiles and other road vehicles. Since the different gears normally run at different speeds, a smooth shift from one gear to another requires a synchronizer to match the speeds during the actual shift. The performance of the synchronizer system is defined by the design of the friction system and the form-fit torque transfer. The synchronizer system has a significant influence on the overall mechanical efficiency of the transmission, and hence the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Synchronizers are also crucial to the future development of hybrid electric vehicles.