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ClassicLINE DCT-Type synchronizer systems



Our innovation dedication makes you LOVE SHIFT.

The ClassicLINE DCT-Tye synchronizer offers greater performance for dual clutch transmissions and NEVs

  • Increased power density
  • Improved shift dynamics
  • Greater reduction in noise

Innovative design brings benefits for DCTs

Our ClassicLINE DCT-Type synchronizer is the world’s first synchronizer that features an optimized design specifically for dual clutch transmissions (DCTs). The principle is based on special meshing of the teeth: the teeth of the engagement disks are flattened, and the sleeve has only a one-sided chamfer on the right and left sides.

The new design offers advantages in all the criteria that are particularly relevant for dual clutch applications, reducing the installation space requirement by up to ten percent and shortening shift travel by as much as 25 percent. The increased power density creates new, valuable freedom of design for transmission manufacturers.

Earlier engagement of the clutch additionally shortens the shifting time by up to 100 milliseconds, allowing the new design to achieve more dynamic gear shifts.